Left because I come from a family of progressives and, though I’m not fully at home among them, I don’t have any problem calling myself a liberal.

Write because… well, it’s a blog, no?  And: it’s a play on Right, which is where I head when I’m dissatisfied with what I’m reading on the Left.

Centaur because I devoted my career to teaching high school students. The centaur Chiron represented, for the Greeks, the ideal teacher: wise, learned, and centered (get it?). Such was Chiron’s reputation that the nymph Thetis entrusted  him with tutoring her son Achilles. Much later, Achilles slew the Trojan hero Hector, tied his body to the back of a chariot, and dragged it at full speed round and round the City of Troy until the corpse fell to pieces. This atrocity horrified the Trojans and left the gods themselves aghast. I find this a cautionary tale for those of us who aspire to be two-legged Chirons. Skill, knowledge and understanding matter, but character and self-control matter more.